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[IP] MM follow-up call re: water complaint

 The MM help desk supervisor called me today in response to my complaint of
yesterday. She said she couldn't offer more than half price on the sports guard,
but that she would elevate my request/complaint higher up to see what they could
do. I also said that I resented the implication from the rep I spoke with
yesterday that this problem was caused by customers bumping or dropping the
pump. She said that they didn't mean to imply that, and it's just a matter of
normal wear and tear causing microscopic cracks to the case. She said when they
initially did their testing on the Paradigm it was under lab conditions and they
never even thought about or took into account the fact of normal wear and tear
causing a problem with the case. Now that they know that, they're evaluating
whether they can have a case that's tough enough to withstand that kind of wear
and tear, so they still have a lot of work ahead of them before they know if
they can solve the problem. I asked whether they !
  they be offering any restitution or special deal to current Paradigm users if
indeed they come out with a truly water resistant version. She said she didn't
know, but she would pass along that suggestion as well. I told her that there
were a lot of people on IP who were very unhappy over this issue and MM's lack
of customer service and response to the problem. I said that I, and probably a
lot of others based on the IP posts, would seriously consider looking at the
competitor's products in the future if we continued to be unhappy with MM's
response to this water issue and no satisfactory resolution is offered. She
again said that she would forward all of these comments up the chain of command.
Finally, in response to my question, she confirmed that the 4 year warranty
would continue to remain valid if people have water damage in the future due to
inadvertently submerging the pump (I didn't ask about intentionally swimming
with it). So that's where things stand at the momen!
 t. I'll
  see if they get back to me with an offer of a free sports guard, but of course
that's only a relatively minor solution to the problem. It sounds like it will
be awhile before they do anything else, if ever. Still, the more people who call
or write MM expressing their dissatisfaction with this matter, the more
responsive they're likely to be. I got the distinct impression when I first
talked to the rep yesterday that they don't even bother to document your
complaint unless you specifically ask to elevate it. So they'll never know
people's feelings if people don't pursue it. I'll probably write a letter also.
Pam dx'd 1989, pumping 10 years.

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