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[IP] Re: Type 2 NOT caused by obesity...

 --- On Tue 09/09, Scott Strumello < email @ redacted > wrote:

 From: Scott Strumello [mailto: email @ redacted]To:
email @ redacted: Tue, 09 Sep 2003 15:56:42 -0400Subject: [IP]
Re: Type 2 NOT caused by obesity...
 I disagee on the claim that there is no proof that weight reduction canprevent
Type 2 diabetes.
 Using the argument that there is no proof that obesity causes Type 2
diabetes,only statistical correlation is much like saying that the DCCT did not
"prove"that complications could be avoided with tight BG control.
Technicallyspeaking, the DCCT did not "prove" that tight BG control
eliminatescomplications, it only reduced the incidence by a statistically
significantpercentage. Nevertheless, even with tight BG control, some patients
stilldeveloped complications, suggesting that there was more than just BG
controlat behind the complications. However, that "correlation" was enough
toconvince the medical profession that treatment should focus on attempting
tonormalize BG levels, even if that goal is not entirely realistic given
thesevere limitations of current treatment modalities.
 Scott, what we are saying is there is research to show that obesity is not
ALWAYS the cause of the diabetes. Yes, losing weight MAY help you avoid diabetes
but not everyone CAN or will. Notice I said not everyone. Even if you do NOT
lose weight, if you eat healthy and exercise, you are on the winning side of the
 Some of y'all are reading way too much into this...assuming we are saying
EVERYONE. What we ARE saying is that there is a genetic component for diabetes
and there is a genetic component for obesity (see my earlier post with all the
url's listed). Do they go together? Well, the scientists are still tracking that
one down. They are almost sure but they aren't positive for all of them.
 Now to add some more info to the mix. Did you know that your birthweight also
factored into this? http://care.diabetesjournals.org/cgi/content/full/24/6/1102
There was a study conducted over in England that showed that children,
especially females, with low birthweight had a much higher risk of developing
type II diabetes as an adult. According to that study, I was cursed from the day
I was born!
 I did track down some other references on obesity and diabetes if y'all are
willing to keep an open mind:

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