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Re: [IP] Meter question Need Quick Feedback

Eloisa, I'm not sure about your Precision Xtra strips working with that
meter.  Maybe the best thing would be to call the company (MediSense).  It's
a shame he has a Precision QID.  That was the first meter given to me by my
doctor's office when I was diagnosed and I hated it.  The problem with it
was that the test strips were very unforgiving if you didn't get the blood
on the strip JUST right (not good for beginners).  I don't know how many
strips I wasted with error messages.  Not the kind of meter you could use in
a bumpy car ride or a plane with turbulence.  When I got my new meter, there
was a 50 point difference in the readings, with the QID reading higher.  I
don't even think they're making that meter anymore.


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From: "Contreras, Eloisa (Eloisa)" <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Tuesday, September 09, 2003 2:59 PM
Subject: [IP] Meter question Need Quick Feedback

> Hello -
>  I am trying to help a family in need in Venezuela and they have a
Precision QID
> meter. Would my Precision Xtra strips work with that meter? I doubt it but
> want to check.
> Also, has anyone tried the Wal-Mart brand of meter and strips?
>  To people paying out of pocket, what is the best deal out here for strips
> (and/or meters)?
>  It is a very sad story. The boy is 16 got diagnosed at 10 and is already
> into dialysis and is partially blind. I am just very sad about this whole
> There is just no reason why he should be in such bad condition in a matter
of 6
> years. I can now understand why my mom would not believe me when I kept
> explaining that I was find and probably would be fine for a very long
time. My
> aunt tells me that most T1 diagnosed back home are extremely in bad shape
> specially those people in financial and educational need since everything
has to
> be imported into the country and with the current political situation it
is just
> making it very tough. Many people told my mom that I did not need insulin
if I
> took this 'special-herbal' tea. Well, I guess I am just preaching to the
>  You think you have it tough here, but the US is the best place to have
> if there can be one.
>  Please do reply with your meter responses since I have to send this to
her by
> mail before she leaves to go back home.
> Thanks,
> Eloisa
> dx'd T1 2-11-03 pumping since 6-02 (MM's 511 Paradigm)
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