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[IP] Re: Type 2 and obesity

 Cindy, your view is actually not very scientific. In science, everything is an
option until proven NOT.  You are basically saying that you will only believe 
that which has been established as a POSSIBILITY first until something else is 
proven otherwise.  

You say you are using facts.  The facts are that the CDC says that losing 
 weight COULD (emphasis mine) reduce or delay the occurance. Why? Because thus
far there is nothing to prove that obesity causes diabetes.  There is a 
statistical correlation.

Likewise, when they give "risk factors", that doesn't mean that those are 
things that CAUSE the diabetes...only that those are things to look for as 
warning signs that Type 2 diabetes could be there or develop.  At no point has 
 it yet been proven that losing weight does in fact, in some way, prevent Type 2

I'm certainly open to such a position, because there is evidence supporting 
 this view. But, the point is that there is also growing evidence that it ISN'T
the case.  A scientist would look at this and consider both as options until 
one or the other is proven false.  

Remember that for YEARS the medical community was stating that eating "complex 
carbohydrates" will be slower entering the blood stream than simple sugars.  
That was, after many years, proven to be FALSE.  At this point, just because 
 statistics are leading to a certain belief doesn't mean it is a "fact" that the
belief is true, nor does it mean it is the only way to look at those beliefs.  
It only means that someone (group, or whatnot) took the time to create a 
theory/hypothesis and then tested it or backed it up with some statistics.  
 There is another theory that is now growing, as well. Either is an option, and
I think it is irresponsible to not consider either as a possibility until 
proven otherwise.  

 It seems that many people believe that a scientist will only accept a theory if
it is proven to be true.  Actually, they will only accept someting with some 
CERTAINLY if it is proven to be true.  But, they will CONSIDER any theory that 
cannot be proven to be false.  :-)

Anyhow, if you are sticking to the "facts" then you must do nothing more than 
accept that there is a stistical correlation between obesity and Type 2, but 
there has NOT been proven to be a cause-and-effect relation at this time.


>I don't think I've pointed fingers or said anything that I 
>haven't backed up with solid references/sources.  I 
>haven't gotten that from you or anyone else who has 
>disagreed with what I've posted.  As long as it is just 
>opinion instead of fact...I'm sticking to the facts.
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