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[IP] Meter question Need Quick Feedback

Hello - 

 I am trying to help a family in need in Venezuela and they have a Precision QID
meter. Would my Precision Xtra strips work with that meter? I doubt it but just
want to check.

Also, has anyone tried the Wal-Mart brand of meter and strips? 

 To people paying out of pocket, what is the best deal out here for strips
(and/or meters)?

 It is a very sad story. The boy is 16 got diagnosed at 10 and is already going
into dialysis and is partially blind. I am just very sad about this whole thing.
There is just no reason why he should be in such bad condition in a matter of 6
years. I can now understand why my mom would not believe me when I kept
explaining that I was find and probably would be fine for a very long time. My
aunt tells me that most T1 diagnosed back home are extremely in bad shape
specially those people in financial and educational need since everything has to
be imported into the country and with the current political situation it is just
making it very tough. Many people told my mom that I did not need insulin if I
took this 'special-herbal' tea. Well, I guess I am just preaching to the choir.

 You think you have it tough here, but the US is the best place to have Diabetes
if there can be one.

 Please do reply with your meter responses since I have to send this to her by
mail before she leaves to go back home.

dx'd T1 2-11-03 pumping since 6-02 (MM's 511 Paradigm)
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