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Re: [IP] Dear Abby

At 11:11 AM 9/9/2003 Don Stevens wrote:
 >It is nice to have something to blame for your actions.  Most 'people'
 >do get grumpy and hard to get along with when they are ill!!!!  NOT
 >because they are diabetic!   I know several 'Non-Diabetic' as-hol-s
 >:)    You can find a fight at just about any Bar,
 >Sorry, I'm a long way from beliving  that we act the way we do, because
 >we are diabetic!!!

I agree. I personally think we have to be careful about distinguishing 
between a single "cause" of behavior and a "contributing factor." I agree 
that out of control diabetes can cause definite mood changes. But I've 
never been tempted to physically harm anyone because of it. I would think 
that this person probably had a number of other problems that were also 

I'd hate to have everyone thinking that we're all on the verge of becoming 
raving maniacs because of our medical condition. That would be just one 
more stereotype we'd have to fight.

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