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[IP] Re: Type 2 NOT caused by obesity...

The point is that it may change the way treatment of Type 2, as well as 
prevention measures...will be handled in the future.  Right now the "trend" is 
that to avoid developing Type 2, you lose weight.  That is, at this time, only 
a theory (there is, as of yet, no proof this is actually true, just statistics 
showing that most Type 2's are obese).  Right now, the push is for people to 
lose weight to prevent Type 2.  What they might find, however, is that losing 
weight has little to do with the development of Type 2 in terms of cause.  
Rather, obesity might be a symptom they look for to catch Type 2 before it 
causes problems so that a more preventative measure can be found, such as 
adopting lifestyle changes early.

It also means that people who are obese who have struggled with dieting and 
trying to eat right for years MIGHT just be prone to obesity by genetics and 
NOT due to overeating.  This can help relieve any possible guilt or blame that 
occurs.  (There is, aside from the Type 2 issue, growing evidence that people 
are genetically predisposed to certain weights PROVIDED they are eating a 
healthy diet and have healthy activity.)  

I know that when my wife heard this explanation of Type 2, despite it still 
being controversial, it helped her immensely not take on the guilt of being 
overweight...and, in fact, has helped her to understand why losing weight has 
been nothing but an uphill battle for her.  (She also recognizes her part in 
her weight, as well...but now understands that getting to 120 lbs is not a 
reasonable goal for her!!!)

You seem to keep fighting this idea based on the "facts".  The "facts" are, 
there is no proof that obesity causes Type 2 at all.  There is only stastical 
correlation, which is no proof at all.  This recent news from the CDC actually 
flies it the face of the theory that obesity CAUSES Type 2.  :-)

It still may be found that for those who have the genetic predisposition to 
being overweight and developing Type 2 that being overweight only brings about 
the resulting insulin resistance and eventual burn out faster.  But, it isn't 
beneficial to see that as the cause.


>Okay.  So what's the point.  Just that obesity and Type 2 
>stem from the same gene.  Doesn't change the fact that 
>obesity can lead, and often does, to Type 2 diabetes (in 
>people with that gene).  I don't get the significance of 
>the distinction.  But maybe I'm missing something.
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