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[IP] Re: Re: Type 2 NOT caused by obesity...

> Jeez, if only having type 1 were a guarantee of never being overweight! <<

Whoever said that!  Some Type 1's are now gaining weight 
which is causing insulin resistance so they now have BOTH 
Type 1 and 2.   GEEZ...you people are unbelievable.  Say 
what suits you...never mind the facts or what someone 
actually posts.  I give, too.  Believe what you want.  I'm 
going with the facts to date, not unproven theories about 
Type 2 happening first and then the weight gain.  Just 
nothing to support that claim.  As I said earlier (and 
which no-one has been able to present). give the sources 
for these statements.   Don't just state something as fact 
if you can't back it up.

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