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Re: [IP] Re: references

I'm sorry...I must have missed a post asking for references.  I was asked for 
references off-line to someone else, but didn't recall seeing the request in 
the group.  :-)

The CDC quote came from an Associated Press news article from last week.  The 
 article can, therefore, be found at numerous news websites. I don't believe the
article gave any additional references other than to reference the CDC.  
(Actually, not the CDC...The Center for Disease Control and Prevention...is 
that the CDCP or is it just known as the CDC?  :-)

 The other information I referred to I have second-hand, but the Native American
study is well known (not necessarily well-accepted) among the medical 
community.  WHen my wife was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes last year, she was 
given the details of this Native American study.

 I know, I don't have specific references, and therefore everything stated can't
possibly be true, or even considered.  ;-)

Such is life!  I never stated what I was saying was true...again, this is all 
commentary based on recent evidences.


>Obviously, I answered for Ryan because I have absolutely tooooooo much time 
>on my hands! LOL 
>Jan and ElvisToo
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