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Re: [IP] Re: pe 2 NOT caused by obesity...

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 Having type 2 in your family does not guarantee you will have it. I have
diabetes. None of my three brothers do. One of my brothers has brown eyes.The
rest of us have blue eyes. One has straight hair; the other 3 of us have curly
hair. It's all genetics. However, while none of my siblings have type 2, both
grandmothers, my father, 2 uncles and 3 aunts do. Plus me. :-) But none of my
other 6 aunts and uncles have type 2 (all the same family - Dad was one of 12
children). On my mother's side, one aunt had diabetes, as did one of her 3
daughters. My other 2 cousins did not.
AMEN, Jan....
 First off, I inherited PCOS from my father's mother. We don't know where she
got it exactly but we do know that it was her mother's side. She and her sister
both developed diabetes in their later years. My grandmother lived to her 60's
and my great auntdeveloped it in her 70's (this one lived to be 91). My
grandmother had four sons. Only one has diabetes. And he was NOT overweight. And
was very active at the time of diagnosis...had to be, the military made sure of
that. He's had it for 15+ years that I know of and he's in his 70's now. That is
my uncle. My father does not have diabetes. But two of his children have PCOS
and one, me, has progressed into diabetes before I knew about PCOS. We managed
to catch my half sister before she slipped over. We hope to keep her from
becoming diabetic but the odds aren't good.
 So, out of that one person...my great grandmother, we have 20 decendants and 5
of us have diabetes, one with PCOS. Of those 20, 2 are way too young to have to
worry over type II (they are under 5) But the rest are over 18. Given the law of
genetics, that is about 1/4th of her decendants. Had she married someone who
also carried the gene, it would have upped the odds but apparently my great
grandfather didn't carry it and my grandfather didn't carry it. And neither did
my Mother.
 I managed to find some very interesting reading material on the subject.
Apparently some need to brush up on their genetics from biology class so I dug
up two urls on that: http://www.rit.edu/~flwstv/genetics.html
 And in my research on basic genetics, I happened across some other interesting
web urls on the obesity gene:
 And then I happened across this url in my research on the obesity gene. It's
about type II and obesity:
and an entire LIST of articles on this page under "Terms related to this search"
Cell death causes of....
Which leads us to the thread on beta cell death. Liz

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