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Re: [IP] Re: pe 2 NOT caused by obesity...

In a message dated 9/8/03 6:53:51 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> >>an and ElvisToo posted
> The
> diabetes is the cause of the weight gain and "laziness" -- not the other way
> around.<<
> Jan,  do you have any resources to back up this statement?  I haven't 
> seen or read anything like this.  

You need to read the whole thing, Cindy. What I *said* was: "*I believe* that 
insulin resistance starts and, for a long time, your pancreas can pump out 
enough insulin to keep your numbers in good range. However, all of that excess 
 insulin is contributing to weight gain. (The excess insuolin causes some pretty
severe hunger all the time, too, which doesn't help.) As your BGs creep up, 
the lethargy sets in." I continued with:"*By the time you are diagnosed* you 
are overweight and sedentary -- *but you've had diabetes for years.* The 
 diabetes is the cause of the weight gain and "laziness" -- not the other way

Read it very, very carefully.  The diabetes has been present, as insulin 
resistance -- a marker of type 2 diabetes. The beta cells work hard to produce 
more and more insulin to keep your BGs in good range. Eventually, the begin to 
poop out and can't keep up the production any more, so your BGs begin to rise. 
THEN you are DX'd with type 2 -- but you've had it for years.

Also ...
       There is no such thing as "borderline" diabetes. You either have it or 
you don't. There is, however, something called "impaired glucose tolerance," 
which can be a precurser of diabetes.
       Having type 2 in your family does not guarantee you will have it. I 
 have diabetes. None of my three brothers do. One of my brothers has brown eyes.
The rest of us have blue eyes. One has straight hair; the other 3 of us have 
curly hair. It's all genetics. However, while none of my siblings have type 2, 
both grandmothers, my father, 2 uncles and 3 aunts do. Plus me. :-) But none 
of my other 6 aunts and uncles have type 2 (all the same family - Dad was one 
of 12 children). On my mother's side, one aunt had diabetes, as did one of her 
3 daughters. My other 2 cousins did not.

According to my now-retired CDE, about 80 percent of type 2s she saw were 
overweight. And about 20 percent of type 1s were. I have met type 1s who weigh 
more than I do. 

I don't think I am going to change your mind about whether or not to point 
 fingers at type 2s and indicate, whether in words or written between the lines,
that it's all our fault. You're not going to change my mind, either. So let's 
agree to disagree. OK?

Jan and ElvisToo
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