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[IP] Re: pregnancy and diabetes


 I had two successful pregnancies 10 and 12 years ago, one year after I was
diagnosed and when I was still on MDI. I did fine. True, my babies were big (10
lbs, 2oz., and 9,6), but otherwise in perfect condition. I just tested a lot and
took extra injections for highs (anything over about 170 two hours after meals).
I can only imagine how much easier it would be on the pump. As I recall, my
A1C's averaged around 6.0. Don't be too stressed out about it. If you are in
generally good control and don't have any other complicating health issues, I
think you'd be fine. My first pregnancy was treated normally by a regular OB.
With my second I had different insurance which required me to be handled by a
high risk OB, but I don't think it was really necessary. Again, since my control
was good, there were no real issues. It's true that during the different phases
of pregnancy your blood sugars will go haywire and require different basal
rates, etc., but that can all be dealt with by f!
 testing and working closely with your endo. Pam dx'd 1989, pumping 10 years

< I know that women have very 
> pregnancies with the pump, but I would love to hear some feedback 
Type 1s
> out there that have had good pregnancies, and how you managed to stay 
> control. >

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