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[IP] Re: Type 2 NOT caused by obesity...

I think you have misunderstood what I was saying, but others have actually
said what you are referring to below.

Some have gone so far as to suggest that obesity results FROM Type 2.  I am
NOT saying that, nor do I find there be evidence of that.  Rather, what I am
saying is that both Type 2 and obesity (in SOME cases) result from the SAME
genetics.  The genetics that lead to obesity also lead to Type 2.  (I have
to clarify not all cases because I'm not refering to obesity merely from
lack of exercise and/or excessive eating).

Rather, the genetics that gave many people the advantage in the cold/hot
climate cycles, etc. are the same genetics that not only lead those people
towards obesity, but also lead towards Type 2.  So, obesity will very likely
accompany Type 2, but not necessarily precede nor succeed it.  If obesity
truly caused, or resulted in Type 2, then the 61% rise in obesity in the
past 20+ years should have also caused a similar rise in Type 2.  It has
not.  Type 2 is practically flat.  Obesity, therefore hasn't caused higher
incidence of Type 2...but those with Type 2 still tend to be obese.

So far, I have seen little evidence that Type 2 comes first and then the
obesity.  I see BOTH things symptoms of the same problem, and not one
causing the other.  It is like sneezing/sniffling and itchy eyes.  Those
people who get itchy eyes are very likely to be sneezing as well.  Some
might conclude that the itchy eyes causes sneezing.  Some might conclude
that the sneezing causes itchy eyes.  But, in actuality both are caused from
allergies (although, both could occur apart from one another with allergies,
as well as be caused, in some cases, by something else entirely).  This
analogy fits well with the Type 2 and obesity.  Type 2 is the
sneezing/sniffling. Obesity is the itchy eyes.  Neither is the cause.  :-)

I hope that clarifies even more. Of course, only time will tell as more
studies are done on this.


>If the gene theory was correct (that Type 2 comes first and then the
>weight), many members of my family would have been diagnosed with
>Type 2.
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