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[IP] MM frustrations

Let me start by saying that my insulin pump has greatly improved my quality 
of life.
When I invest my time and money into something, I expect a certain standard 
of quality and like to be treated like the customer. I have been extremely 
disappointed in my dealings with MM.
1) The billing dept. took 3 months after receipt of my EOB to get my balance 
correct on my pump purchase.
2) The billing dept. took another 3 months to bill my 1st order of supplies 
correctly to BCBS of FL instead of CA. This was after making several calls to 
the billing dept.
3) I have had 3 pumps since 5/6/03
4) I was told by my local rep. that the Paradigm upgrade would be around 
$200.00 not a whopping $450!!
5) This whole deal with the pump not being waterproof is a load of crap! I 
 bought the pump under the premise that the pump was water tight. I spoke to the
help line tonight who informed me that since I got a letter that if the pump 
did not function properly due to water damage that it would not be covered 
under warranty. They advised me not to wear it in the water even with a sports 
pack. They do not have a target date for resolution. In addition, they do not 
know if those current Paradigm users will receive replacement pumps once the 
problem is rectified. I believe that this is MM dealing with the issue in a 
 reactive instead of proactive manner. Thanks for notifying me of the problem
what are you going to do to fix it for each and every Paradigm user? It may be 
 costly for them but they can not all of the sudden decide to negate any feature
previously promised. They made their bed so they should sleep in it.  I paid 
for my pump and expect it work in and out of the water. 
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