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[IP] Re: pe 2 NOT caused by obesity...

>>an and ElvisToo posted
diabetes is the cause of the weight gain and "laziness" -- not the other way

Jan,  do you have any resources to back up this statement?  I haven't 
seen or read anything like this.  That way of thinking doesn't make 
sense when you consider the upsurge in children being diagnosed with 
Type 2.  If the diabetes came first and caused the weight gain, there 
would have been just as many overweight kids (and adults) 50 years 
ago as there are today.  I don't think these kids started their lives 
average or thin, developed diabetes, and then gained weight.  They 
were most likely overweight all of their young lives.  I know a 
couple of kids who are Type 2's.  They were always overweight.  One 
girl was diagnosed when she was 8.  She is probably 50 pounds or more 
overweight.  But, again, if you have anything that is published by a 
reputable source to the contrary, please let me know.

>>Type 2 is also a disease of beta cell dysfunction. Generally, by the time
type 2 is diagnosed, about half of the beta cells are toast. And, because
  progressive (that's why we progress from diet and exercise to orals and
wind up
on insulin in an effort to keep our BGs under control)<<

Not all Type 2's progress to insulin.  In fact, many do not.  I know 
some personally who have lost weight, made some lifestyle changes 
which allowed them to either reduce their oral meds or quit them 

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