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Re: [IP] Pregnancy and Type I


Welcome to a fantanstic list.  I have been type 1 since the age of 4 and my
son is going on 15 months.  If you have any questions email me off list at
email @ redacted

Good luck!
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From: "Lesly Messina" <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Monday, September 08, 2003 4:05 PM
Subject: [IP] Pregnancy and Type I

> Hi.  My name is Lesly Messina and I have been a Type I diabetic for 25 yrs
> a successful pumper (Minimed) for 5 years.  My husband and I are ready to
> start a family but I am putting it off because I am paralyzed with fear!!!
> am afraid that I wont be able to control my b.s. during the pregnancy and
> there will be harm to the baby.  I know that women have very successful
> pregnancies with the pump, but I would love to hear some feedback from
Type 1s
> out there that have had good pregnancies, and how you managed to stay in
> control.  Right now my A1c is 6.4, but my endo and future obstetrician
want it
> under 6 before we begin trying.
> Im really nervous so any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
> Thanks.
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