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[IP] Minimed phone call

 In response to the Paradigm water letter, I called MM customer service today to
say that I was unhappy and ask what the options were. As others have been told,
I was told that I could buy the sports guard at half price. The rep kept
repeating the obviously scripted phrase that the problem is due to many wearers
bumping or dropping their pumps. I assured him that I did not do that to mine,
blah, blah, blah, that I had been a satisfied MM customer for 10 years and that
I did not think this was good customer service, especially in light of the
increased competition these days. He repeated that the best they could do was
offer the half price deal and that many other customers were happy with that
option (I don't think so). I asked if Minimed was doing anything at higher
levels to reexamine this policy and improve their customer service on this
issue. He said that he wasn't aware of anything being done. I then asked how I
could go about elevating my complaint. After putting me o!
 n hold
  for a few minutes, he said that he had to document the phone call, and then he
would send an e-mail to his supervisor to forward on to the manager saying that
I was unhappy with their letter and that I wanted the sports guard for free. He
said to give them until Friday and if I didn't hear anything back, to call
again. I'll let you know what happens, but meanwhile maybe others should try the
same thing - i.e., asking to elevate the complaint. Maybe if the higher ups
start getting flooded with complaints they'll reconsider it. For all we know,
right now the complaints might be going no further than the customer service
Pam dx'd 1989, pumping 10 yrs. with Minimed.

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