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[IP] gym and health teachers

Thanks to all who wrote in on this subject.

I chose to call both teachers. The health teacher was the first to call
back.The moment I mentioned to her, her statements of being overweight and
unfit being a risk factor for diabetes she put two and two together (Eve and
diabetes). She did apologized right away. She is going to tell the students
the difference between the two types of diabetes today in class. She will
also make sure that the students understand that type 2 is a risk factor if
you are unfit and are overweight. She said that she wishes Eve would have
corrected her in class but she did understand why Eve didn't.

On to the gym teacher, oh boy, all I can say is what an IDIOT. He told me he
said " that if you are overweight and unfit you MIGHT get JUVENILE diabetes.
With all the talk about  juvenile diabetes on the rise...."

 I think he meant to say that if you are overweight and unfit you might get
type 2 diabetes. With all the talk about type 2 diabetes on the rise in

What more can I say. I think by the end of our conversation he understood
what he REALLY said. My 18 year old son was on the phone line when I was
talking to the gym teacher and agreed that he was an idiot. He also
apologized, and if he sees Eve will apologize to her also. I also told him
that because he said the things he said Eve didn't tell her gym teacher that
she had diabetes, had a low during gym, but waited until the end of class to
go to the nurses office. He will bring up the subject again this term and he
will make sure he says it right.

There is hope.

Deborah, mom to Eve 16 years old
dx 5/96 pumping 5/99
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