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Re: [IP] dead pump

I used regular insulin at 4 hour intervals for my basals and humalog for
meals. I had higher than normal readings for the first day and a half and a
few lows during the 4 days without the pump. Other than that my bg's were
somewhat stable and I was very much ready when the refurbished pump arrived
on Wednesday morning. Also I should add that since I knew my pump would
arrive between 10:30 and 11:00 am that I only used humalog starting  night
and stopped all regular insulin usage. This was requested by my endo and it
seemed to work well.

Dwayne W. Tackett
Senior Technical Training Specialist
RWD Technologies
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> My 508 had the exact same problem the Saturday night before Labor day and
> could not get a replacement until Wednesday morning. The Technical
> person however told me that the reason was that my pump had been hit or
> dropped and it WAS NOT a software issue. It seems as if we have 2
> explanations for the same issue. I am sure that both are logical
> explanations.
> Dwayne W

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