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[IP] Re: Type 2 NOT caused by obesity...

I think the point is that while there is a strong correlation betweek obesity 
and Type 2 diabetes, it does NOT prove that obesity in any way causes it.

Let me give you an example:

Nearly all people who are male have high levels of testosterone, therefore if 
 you lower your levels of testosterone, you can reduce your risk of being a

Of course, despite the strong correlation between the two, the second half 
doesn't really make sense.  Now I realize this is an exaggerated example, but 
it demonstrates the point...that just looking at the fact that MOST Type 2 
diabetics are obese doesn't mean that reducing obesity reduces Type 2...nor 
does it mean that a rise in obesity means a rise in Type 2.

In fact, that was what triggered this.  To the surprise of the CDC and health 
professionals, a 20 year look at obesity and Type 2 has shown that while 
obesity has increased 61% in the U.S. in the past 20 years, Type 2 has only 
 increased 5%. All of a sudden, the case of obesity causing Type 2 doesn't hold
much water.  Instead, what it shows is that those who develop Type 2 are more 
likely to be prone to obesity, which is consistant with the results of the 
Native American study on Type 2 diabetes, from what I've seen.

 Of course, losing weight should ALWAYS be a goal because there are other health
benefits.  But, the idea is that obesity has resulted BECAUSE of the 
development of Type 2 (or, rather, developed due to a genetic predisposition 
that leads to Type 2) and NOT that obesity is what brought Type 2 about.  

Just food for thought.  As I've mentioned, though...if you are overweight, 
 there are plenty of other health reasons to try to lose weight. But, actually,
eating healthy and increasing activity are better goals.


>If I eat right, exercise faithfully, and keep all that weight off, 
>the odds are in my favor that I won't develop Type 2 diabetes.  Not a 
>sure thing, but close.  My dad, who is average build, developed Type 
>2 at age 77.  I think if he had been overweight, it would have shown 
>up sooner.  Why risk it?  The majority of people who develop Type 2 
>are overweight.  That's a fact.  Don't be angry at me...I'm just the 
>messenger  : )  Losing weight is not an easy task for most people.  
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