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Re: [IP] dead pump

> > but..... When my daughter has had to go without her pump, she uses
> > regular insulin every 4 hours to provide basal and does bolus
> > injections as needed for food, etc.... using exactly the same routine
> > as when she pumps. She does not change how she lives to accomodate
> > the the insulin (hated nph). This means R at bedtime and at wake up
> > and once during the night. She does the injections (carefully) into
> > her set-port.
> Hi Michael,
>   I've asked this before about injecting in the set-port and I still
>   don't
> understand how this can be done.  Sean was able to do a trial run
> with the animas pump and they put a quickset in and we looked and
> looked at that thing to see how to inject his shots through it since
> he could only run saline through the pump he was trying.  I also
> looked through some diabetes forecast magazines looking for the  one
> you mentioned being just for giving shots.  Can you help us figure
> this out?  It's taking forever for Sean to be able to get on a pump
> because there is no Cozmo support here were we live!

I haven't tried it with a quick set, but you can probably do it 
through the hole where the introducer needle was withdrawn. That 
works on other sets with a vertical design. Practice first on an old 
set that's not in a live body. The syringe only needs to go in far 
enough to go through the internal seal.

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