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Re: [IP] dead pump

My 508 had the exact same problem the Saturday night before Labor day and I
could not get a replacement until Wednesday morning. The Technical Support
person however told me that the reason was that my pump had been hit or
dropped and it WAS NOT a software issue. It seems as if we have 2
explanations for the same issue. I am sure that both are logical

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In a message dated 9/7/2003 11:40:17 AM Central Standard Time,
email @ redacted writes:

> Last night Eileens MM508 gave us the low battery display-changed them and

> everything went crazy from there, we started getting the VER601 alarm and
> would flash on and off-when we tried to hit any other button, the screen
> would go blank, called MM and they said it was a software problem. They
> send out a replacement pump but it will take at least 4-5 days for it to
> arrive as I live outside of the U.S.
> I know I need to use NPH on her via injections, but my question is can I
> inject NPH and Humalog together?
> Yvonne

my pump did the exact same thing...friday morning about 10 am...thankfully
live in chicago and i was able to get a new one as of saturday 10am...
yes the humalog can go right along with the nph...that i was before the
good luck!
debbie pumping since 04-01 with my JETT :-)
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