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[IP] Re: Choosing between different pump brands/models

was: Re: [IP] Choosing between Cozmo and MM512

ah, good thing we parents don't have to be able to figure out what is 'cool'
THIS week (since it changes from week to week, day to day, hour to hour, and
especially depends on what the peers have to say VBG!!

(who has a son who will be 13, if i let him live until October!!!)

one parent wrote:
> My son won't have a Cozmo because it's just "too ugly" but I really
> couldn't care less how it looks, as long it does what I need and doesn't
> static out every day!
and neil wrote
>That's interesting. My son originally wanted a Cozmo because he thought it
looked "cool," but now he's leaning towards the 512 because it's thinner
(and a for a few other reasons).
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