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Re: [IP] Requesting info from Cozmo users

 You can go into your pump settings-personalize-delivery-temp rates. Here you
can turn off the reminder to alert you are running a temp rate. You can even
turn off the reminder that the temp rate is complete. Good luck. Trent

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Hi fellow pumpers. I am about to go in for some major surgery (total
hysterectomy) on wed Sept 10th. I have won the battle with my surgeon and
anesthesiologist to keep my pump on during the surgery. I have had my Cozmo
since May of this year but have not played around with it a lot. My question
is have any of you Cozmo users tried doing temp basal reductions for long
periods of time?? I am wondering about the alarm situation. I want my pump to
be sitting there nice and quiet and not noticed so that I wont have to deal
with stupid people trying to tell me to take it off or being afraid of it. I
figure if its there sitting quietly while I am out of it and in the recovery
phase then nobody should care. I guess what I am wondering is does the pump
alarm on the hour? I don't want to turn off the alarm feature totally due to
the need to hear some alarms but I don't want to have any "reminder" alarms
going off to bother me. I was planning on going into surgery on an 80% temp
basal as I would much rather run the chance of being high vs. low. Any advice
would be appreciated. I hope to be back home on Friday of this week as long
as things go according to plan.

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for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: