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Re: [IP] dead pump

> Last night Eileens MM508 gave us the low battery display-changed
> them and everything went crazy from there, we started getting the
> VER601 alarm and it would flash on and off-when we tried to hit any
> other button, the screen would go blank, called MM and they said it
> was a software problem. They are send out a replacement pump but it
> will take at least 4-5 days for it to arrive as I live outside of
> the U.S.
> I know I need to use NPH on her via injections, but my question is
> can I inject NPH and Humalog together?

According to the info on the E.Lilly site you can. -- check it out.

but..... When my daughter has had to go without her pump, she uses 
regular insulin every 4 hours to provide basal and does bolus 
injections as needed for food, etc.... using exactly the same routine 
as when she pumps. She does not change how she lives to accomodate 
the the insulin (hated nph). This means R at bedtime and at wake up 
and once during the night. She does the injections (carefully) into 
her set-port.

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