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[IP] Adding insulin (was Choosing between Cozmo and MM512)

Neil!  How do you add insulin?  I mean, I know *how* to add it, but how do
you re-do - just save the blue doodad with the needles at each end from the
last change and reuse? (figuring from your comments you're using the 511? Or
are you on a different pump/model?)

And boy, I am so jazzed to hear you guys reuse lancets and challenge your
docs - does my little heart good to know I'm not the only medical rebel <hee
hee>  All that good RN protocol Mom taught me... gone to waste... <sigh>
<snicker>  I am totally convinced I have the best endo in the world, but
hey, he's human like everyone else, and I'm the one with the D and the
pump - It's gotta count for an honorary degree by this point! lol


From: "Neil Ginsberg" email @ redacted

The small cartridge size was one thing that originally pulled us away from
considering the 512. But then we saw how easy it was to disconnect and add
more insulin, and we realized that if we ran short we could add a little
more without doing a site change. Also, if the insulin only lasts two days,
at least it will be fresher. ;-)
In any case, we're still seriously considering the 512 -- small cartridge
and all -- and may actually get it.
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