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Re: [IP] special ed

Oh, please, you are back in the dark ages.  That was probably true in some
communities, and may yet be, but if so, it's the ADULTS fault.

I'm sitting in a classroom right now, and every single child in the
classroom has something different about them.   Most have an entry in my
confidential folder.  Some of these kiddos have been with each other for
8-12 years (9-12th grade), they know that they are different from each

One of the best things that has happened for kids (and one of the worse for
teachers), is mainstreaming and now inclusion.  We have a very low
functioning kiddo who has been in our system since his earliest days, and
two years ago when his classmates walked the stage for graduation, they
insisted he did two, even through his program wouldn't done for another 2
years (he gets to stay in the system until he's 21).

If your child is in a school where they are singled out, someone needs to be
doing some rear end kicking when it comes to ADULTS.

Frankly, I'm not ashamed of my pump -- it's COOL technology and I show it
off every chance I get.  I think EVERYONE should have that attitude.  So
what if we have diabetes, so what if someone is over weight,  is in a
wheelchair.  We're all on this planet and we function to our best abilities.

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> Yes, I *totally* agree, Spec. Ed *is* for any student with special needs,
> and Gayle
> was gracious to suggest that avenue BUT kids can be and are cruel re
> who is
> perceived as "different." And so that *is* an issue that one's child needs
> to be asked -
> do they *want* help?  In a day or two, most kids will have forgotten a

> <<Besides, the P.E. teacher migth listen to the Special Ed. Department
> chair a bit harder...and if the P.E. teacher doesn't there are
> reprecussions available to the SE chair that aren't available to you.>>

The fallout should be that if the PE teacher doesn't get his facts right AND
if he takes it out on the kid, is that the principal should land on the
teacher with both feet.

Again, this is the 200x's and that's the way society is now, and should have
been for the last empteen years.
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