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Re: [IP] special ed

From: email @ redacted

<<I want to back Gayle in suggesting that parents of diabetics with problems
go to your Special Ed. people at your child's school.

Special Education is for ANY student with special needs. That includes the
pregnant --
though my school has a seperate program for that -- that includes asthma,
etc. It does not mean that your child has learning problems. Though, because
absences, you may need some additional help.>>

Yes, I *totally* agree, Spec. Ed *is* for any student with special needs,
and Gayle
was gracious to suggest that avenue BUT kids can be and are cruel re anyone
who is
perceived as "different." And so that *is* an issue that one's child needs
to be asked -
do they *want* help?  In a day or two, most kids will have forgotten a
comment.  But if
a SE teacher "speaks to" the gym teacher, fallout is very possible, either
bet. the teacher
and one's child, or bet. the child and his/her classmates.  It's a tricky
tightrope that has
ramifications beyond the teacher's comments in how our children with
diabetes perceive
themselves.  Additionally, if the child with diabetes is now identified as
having a "problem,"
 and it doesn't resolve, add'l folks will get involved to help emotional
"problems" which
don't necessarily exist.  What started out as a desire to "help" might
become a headache
for the child in facing interactions at school each day.

<<Besides, the P.E. teacher migth listen to the Special Ed. Department
chair a bit harder...and if the P.E. teacher doesn't there are
reprecussions available to the SE chair that aren't available to you.>>

And that's the crux of it - a child more easily will get over a one-time
idiocy (like the
gym teacher's stmt) than wish to deal with an endless go-round of parents,
teachers and
administrators who are trying to fix a problem that likely, in the child's
mind, no longer exists.
The gym teacher didn't seem to be malicious, or targeting anyone - likely
they are just passing
on state-mandated info (wrong though the presentation was)...  one of too
many mandated
things they have to do.   All I was saying was to take into account the
possible ramifications
of getting Spec. Ed folks involved, and that I, personally, wouldn't have
wanted such attention,
because I didn't perceive that my diabetes was a "problem."  No attack was
meant against
Spec. Ed or Gayle, so I don't quite understand the need to "back" her.
Personally, for a child
in 5th grade or up, I'd ask *them* if they wished me, as the parent, to
say/do something
privately to address the teacher's stmt.  (Of course if issues persist,
either with the teacher or
one's child, that's a *whole* nother matter that needs addressing.)  As
someone else has
said, Spec. Ed is not perceived by kids, nor by some staff, as dealing with
"all" issues.
"Labelling" is the de facto way of life in public school, whether one wants
to say so or not - and
kids do *not* want to be "labelled"...

I, personally, found the guidance dept partnered best in addressing
scheduling issues, helping to
keep the "critical" classes out of the pre-lunch period (thereby avoiding
test-taking during lows,
though some of my art and home ec projects/notes were *really* interesting
LOL), helping me get
teachers who were more sensitive to medical issues, etc.  Gym always was the
class with the
most issues, and that was without a pump, but then it seemed *every* kid
hated gym, so it wasn't
 just me.  And as the nursing/teaching staff even then couldn't do much (as
someone pointed out),
I kept everything I needed with me, despite it being "against the rules."
Which was also good, as
I was *painfully* shy, and wouldn't have told anyone I needed help anyway...

I still say being proactive and empowering one's child with the facts, and
training children to be pro-
active, in whatever way that works for them, is the best tack against
clueless people/comments,
as well as in addressing their daily needs.

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