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RE: [IP] Replacement lancet and daylight savings....

At 8:20 AM -0400 9/8/03, Bruce Felstein wrote:
>  The Animas shows right on the panel how much insulin is left in the
>cartridge.  While it doesn't vibrate for an alarm, I find that the alarm has
>only gone off for low insulin and I knew that was about to happen so that
>only happened at home.  As for occlusion alarms, that has only happened at
>home as well, so that I wouldn't be too concerned about that.  The frequency
>of alarms isn't something that you need worry about.

That is true for me also as the only "frequent" alarms are 'cartridge 
low' and 'cartridge empty'.    To me and Animas that is acceptable, 
anything more and they are concerned.  But other companies seem to 
have different ideas of what is acceptable.  Take a look at this 
MAUDE report and find out what IS acceptable to some:


or in long hand:


If my pump alarmed more than twice a week I would complain, but not 
for long as Animas would quickly correct that.     :>)

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