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Re: [IP] Re: Type 2 NOT caused by obesity...

A friend of mine who is a CDE said that, after explaining the symptoms, she 
 has been asking her new clients how long they believe they've had diabetes. Her
younger clients mid-20s to 30-something have told her "since I was a kid." 
Looking back, I had all of the symptoms when I was 20. I was diagnosed (at my 
 request) when I was in my mid-30s. So, no, I don't believe docs were looking
type 2 in children or young people until just recently.

Type 2 creeps up on you with cat's feet. You can have it for years and years 
and not know it. I believe that insulin resistance starts and, for a long 
time, your pancreas can pump out enough insulin to keep your numbers in good 
 range. However, all of that excess insulin is contributing to weight gain. (The
 excess insuolin causes some pretty severe hunger all the time, too, which
help.) As your BGs creep up, the lethargy sets in. By the time you are 
 diagnosed you are overweight and sedentary -- but you've had diabetes for
years. The
diabetes is the cause of the weight gain and "laziness" -- not the other way 

Type 2 is also a disease of beta cell dysfunction. Generally, by the time 
type 2 is diagnosed, about half of the beta cells are toast. And, because it's 
 progressive (that's why we progress from diet and exercise to orals and wind up
on insulin in an effort to keep our BGs under control), you can run all you 
want, but it's going to catch up with you if you live long enough.

Jan and ElvisToo

In a message dated 9/8/03 7:29:30 AM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> >>>>I also believe that type 2 has always been present in children ... it's
> just
> that nobody started looking for it until about 20 years ago. Yep. 20 years
> ago. And it's just been in the news for a couple years or so. Of course
> "they"
> are looking for it now -- and they're finding it, too. Big surprise! (NOT!)
> Jan and ElvisToo
> I'm with you Jan because I'm one of them that went undiagnosed because I
> wasn't a
> classic Type 1, even though my complaints were blatantly depicting diabetes.
> Years ago, they simply were not looking for anything except the type 1's. I
> also
> wasn't overweight and was very active.....as long as I didn't eat, or eat
> much, I could function...:)
> Margo
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