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RE: [IP] Re: Type 2 NOT caused by obesity...

Ryan, I do believe there are various sub-types to "type 2" diabetes, not to
mention the so-called "type 1.5". In my opinion, the book hasn't been
written as to all the "types" of diabetes out there and the bottom line for
all of us is to do the best we can with whatever "type" we have.
Who knows, research may show there are 40 different types! :) We don't know,
we simply do not know enough and we shouldn't be lumping everyone into
little boxes quite yet. jmo


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The idea of obesity NOT causing Type 2, but rather a symptom of the genetics
that leads to it goes something like this (but someone with more information
might correct me):

Up until this past century, the typical person had a very active lifestyle
necessity.  There were no cars, washing machines, and other technologies of
convenience.  Just to survive daily, you had physical activity.

 Also, along with this, there were the seasons to contend with. The body
to bulk up and stock up on fat, etc., during the summer months in order to
survive through the winter months where there was much less available for

The result was that those with the genetics to actually be able to gain
 actually were more likely to survive in climates with poor winters, etc.
whose genetics didn't allow the gain of weight were more likely to die
the winter months.

 So, you see isolated population centers where there are colder climates who
 have more predisposition to this. So, the genetics actually lead to the
gain.  However, activity levels kept these genetics from leading to a Type 2
diabetes development, by helping to balance the eating and weight gain, etc.

Today, the American (and other parts of the world) culture has become very
sedentary...and on top of this, we no longer have diets that are heavy,
gaining in the summer months and light, weight-losing in the winter.  We can
get the same Big Mac in the summer and winter!  ;-)  Anyhow, the very
 that allowed people to survive in the past is now working against them,
our lifestyles have changed.

My own, personal, metabolism it great for today...it makes me prone to
 maintaining my weight. If I had been alive a few hundred years ago,
would have been at a disadvantage.

But, the obesity isn't actually the cause of the Type 2 throughout this
scenario...it is a co-symptom of the genetics that can lead to Type 2.  If
find it hard to NOT gain weight, it is likely your genetics trying to "save
your life" through the winter months...but, due to lifestyle changes, you
become more prone to Type 2 as well.

That is why Type 2 and obesity go hand in hand...NOT because obesity CAUSES
 Type 2...but that those who are obese are more likely to also have the
to lead to Type 2 WITHOUT the lifestyles to prevent it.

Why are more youth seeing Type 2?  Same reason...the youth are becoming less
and less active compared to previous generations.  There is more TV, video
games, computer time, and less activity in a youth's life.

The main key to preventing Type 2 is NOT losing weight...but by maintaining
active lifestyle.  Of course, the side-benefit to this will be that you will
likely stop gaining weight and possibly lose weight.

This is how I have understood it.  Those who are familiar with this might
expound in more detail or clearer detail.

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