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RE: [IP] Replacement lancet and daylight savings....

 The Animas shows right on the panel how much insulin is left in the
cartridge.  While it doesn't vibrate for an alarm, I find that the alarm has
only gone off for low insulin and I knew that was about to happen so that
only happened at home.  As for occlusion alarms, that has only happened at
home as well, so that I wouldn't be too concerned about that.  The frequency
of alarms isn't something that you need worry about.


Change lancets, we have to change it!  

Thanks for the chuckle tonight.....

By the way, I noted that the Animas pump does not have an alarm that
vibrates as does the Cozmo.  Does this pose any problems to those of you do
use the Animas pump?  It seems to me that having a vibrating alarm would be
beneficial in meetings or perhaps while watching a movie at a theatre. Is
this a big deal or what?

Also, can you view the insulin cartridge on the Animas?  The graphic on the
Cozmo shows that you can view the cartridge, unsure if you can see the
insulin in it, but it would make sense that you could.  Any thoughts would
be greatly appreciated.

Becky - waiting and trying to decide!

In a message dated 9/7/2003 2:05:18 PM Alaskan Daylight Time,
email @ redacted writes: 
> Speaking of changes, we've got
> Daylight Savings ending in a little over a month, does everyone have 
> their replacement lancet on hand???
> George

Oh come on George, I thought I didn't need to change lancets until January
1st. Guess I will have to go find the box.....it is packed in the basement
somewhere with the Christmas tree.
Tina H.
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