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Re: [IP] Replacement lancet and daylight savings....

So far, the alarm hasn't been a problem.  It hasn't gone off except at 
home -- low insulin.  I was expected it.

No you can't see the insulin cartridge, but the pump tells you how many 
units you have left.

I'd say that the biggest advantage to the Animas is the pump trainer.

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Subject: [IP] Replacement lancet and daylight savings....

do use the Animas pump?  It seems to me that having a vibrating alarm
would be beneficial in meetings or perhaps while watching a movie at a
theatre. Is this a big deal or what?

Also, can you view the insulin cartridge on the Animas?  The graphic on
the Cozmo shows that you can view the cartridge, unsure if you can see
the insulin in it, but it would make sense that you could.  Any thoughts
would be greatly appreciated.
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