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[IP] bad doctors

At the time of my diagnosis, my MD was in his sixties and had not updated
his medical knowledge in decades. I had to find this out the hard way. I was
experiencing all the symptoms--blurred vision, frequent urination,
clamminess, dehydration. It still had not occurred to me that I had diabetes
even though I lectured on it yearly in my classes and my dad who had just
died at 86 had Type II and been on dialysis. I just thought it was time to
go back to the ophthalmologist and that I had a bladder infection. Dr. G
took a urine sample and came back in the room and said he wanted me to go to
the hospital lab. Perhaps he tested for ketones in his back room??? He said
he may have bad news. It then clicked--I have diabetes!  OK, now here comes
the bad part. Once diagnosed, he gave me a pamphlet with a meal plan--low
carb--some pills (glucophage) and had me go to the hospital lab weekly for
blood work, and then 24 hours later call his office where his secretary
would tell me how high my BG was and give me a message for the
doctor--usually to watch my carbs, lose weight, and exercise! (evidntly, he
was not aware that I could get a meter at the drugstore and do my own
testing) I never actually talked to the doctor again--just his receptionist
who answered the phone and relayed messages. I was an emotional wreck. I
like to bicycle so I bought a very expensive 21 speed to begin my exercise
program and , in fact, was at the bike shop picking it up when I made one of
my calls to Dr. G. His receptionist told me if I didn't lose weight and
exercise I would be on insulin shots the rest of my life--It was as if she
was threatening me and it was my fault that I had not gotten my BG under
That was it--I never called back and searched for another doctor.  BTW, I
later heard that Dr.G's own nurse had died of a brain tumor that he failed
to diagnose. He had treated her for migraines.

I found a wonderful young doctor who sent me to a class and treated me for
awhile--and yes, four months after diagnosis I was on insulin, but was not
made to feel it was my fault.. When I was still not under good control, she
sent me to an endo. He was a fairly good doctor--just had me fax him my
readings and would adjust my insulin.  When I moved to Ohio this year, I was
really out of control and finally got in to see a new endo. This man was the
best. He is the one who diagnosed me as Type I and agreed to put me on the
pump. Having been out of control for years, I am finally beginning to have
some decent control. Now if I could control my eating anything and
everything I have not been able to eat for 6 years. I am determined to stop
that nonsense before I gain all my weight back that I have lost in the past
year--diet and exercise, and simply high blood sugar!

So, moral of the story--there are ignorant people passing as experts in all
fields--buyer beware!

dx'd in 97, pumping 512 one month
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