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Re: [IP] Insulin On Board Methods

LOL! Sounds just like something *I* would do (I'm *such* a
maverick!) ;)
We were sitting around at our support group meeting one night,
about a week+ before my daughter got her Cozmo, and our endo (who
we've been with all 7yrs of dx, so he knows me well) was betting
that the box wouldn't hit the porch before I had a cartridge
filled etc and the pump on her. LOL! He was right! As soon as it
was delivered and I could put in a battery, fill/put in a
cartridge, and put the basals in, that baby was on! LOL! I agree
with that last statement of yours too though...if we were NEW
pumpers, I would never have done that, nor would I recommend it
to a new pumper. But we've been pumping almost 4yrs (Nov) so I
felt very comfortable doing it. I just about died laughing when I
opened the box and the first thing I saw was a warning not to use
the pump until we were trained...(because it has different
features than other pumps). Yeah right! LOL! We are due to get
our training on the 19th...more for dh than anyone else (hehe!),
and it will serve as practice for our trainer, who is new. By
then it will be about 5wks after getting the pump!

Remember: "Kids don't try this at home!" LOL

Take care, Kerri, mom to Shannon - 13 (dx 11/96, pmpg HTron+
11/99 & Cozmo 8/03)...and her 7 siblings  :)
"...what it all boils down to  - do the right thing, everything
goes fine; do the wrong thing, everything's a mess." - Robert
Spott, Yurok tribe, 1890

Jan and ElvisToo said:
I dd mine with insulin -- but I had been pumpting for a few
years. I can still "see" thelook on my endo's face when I went to
an appointment just 4 hours after hooking up with a loaner. He
noticed it wasn't my usual pump and questioned me. When I told
him I was taking a different pump for a "test drive," he said,
"Tell me you're pumping saline."
"Nope!" I said. "It's insulin!" He just kind of buried his head
in his hands. (He knows me well. LOL) I reminded him that I had
been pumping for a few years, that I could call the rep for help
and, if all else failed, I still had my regular pump.
Never pumped before? I would say stick with saline.
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