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Re: [IP] Insulin On Board Methods

At 12:12 AM -0500 9/8/03, Neil Ginsberg wrote:
>Just curious: what is a "home trial"? They let you use the pump with insulin
>or just with saline? If insulin, then you must have already been on a pump
>and had your basals set, etc., right?

IMHO, seriously bad idea.  Basals can vary from pump brand to pump 
brand.   An 0.6 basal on a MM is much different from an 0.6 basal on 
a Disetronic.   Don't ever try to compare pumps this way.   You can 
get into some serious trouble.   I made a bit of basal adjustment 
going from the H-trons to the IR1000, and those are both the infusion 
every 3 minute type.

Actually, Pump trials can be conducted with plain water just pumped 
out and not into yourself.   You only want to find out what operating 
a pump is like, not the actual comparison of what a 0.6 on an Animas 
compares to the 0.6 on the Deltec.   Trials like that would take 
months to be fair and accurate.

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