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Re: [IP] Choosing between Cozmo and MM512

The small cartridge size was one thing that originally pulled us away from
considering the 512. But then we saw how easy it was to disconnect and add
more insulin, and we realized that if we ran short we could add a little
more without doing a site change. Also, if the insulin only lasts two days,
at least it will be fresher. ;-)

In any case, we're still seriously considering the 512 -- small cartridge
and all -- and may actually get it.

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> Kasey,
>   This is Sylvia, mom to Joshua.   The only reason I would tell you not to
> with the MM512 for now is the smaller cartridge.  Kayla is going to be
>  hitting those high hormone stages any time now. Her insulin needs for the
> 8+
> years is going to be very great.  With the new MM pumps and that very
> cartridge you will find yourself having to use more supplies than if you
>  using a full size cartridge. The MM511-12 is a good little pump, I'm
sure, and
> would meet the needs of adults who are pretty much done with the growing
> hormone thing.  If it were me I would definately be looking at a full size
>  cartridge style pump for now. Maybe later Kayla will enjoy the smaller
> cartridge.
> But I have to tell you, after actually being able to compare the 511 to
>  Josh's old H-Tron there is absolutely NO size difference at all between
> two
> pumps....so much for offering a smaller pump.  And the Cozmo is smaller
> the H-Tron but has a full size cartridge.  Just a little bit fatter.
> Sylvia
> mom to Joshua
> now on his Cozmo - Pumpy
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