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Re: [IP] Insulin On Board Methods

Just curious: what is a "home trial"? They let you use the pump with insulin
or just with saline? If insulin, then you must have already been on a pump
and had your basals set, etc., right?


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> This is very interesting and I'd like to hear the answers also.  If there
> is anyone who has worn both the 512 and the Cozmo, please post your
> thoughts on the two different approaches.
> I did a home trial of a Cozmo and got wonderful results with it.  I also
> met with a rep from MM but they refuse to let you do a home trial of a
> 512 pump.  They do claim that their method is far superior than the
> Deltec method though.
> Judi in MI
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> > The Minimed 512 and the Deltec Cozmo both calculate "insulin on board"
> > suggesting adjustments, so as not to stack insulin. The Minimed uses a
> > that approximates insulin activity based on manufacturer data (90% of
> > insulin activity left after one hour, 65% left after two hours, 43%
> > three hours, and 24% of the activity working between hours four and
> > whereas the Cozmo uses a straight line from zero hours to the number of
>  > the user specifies (if the user specifies four hours, then 75% after
> hour,
> > 50% after two hours, 25% after three hours, and 0% after four hours).
> >
> > At first glance it seems that the Minimed method is superior, since it
> > approximates actual insulin activity, rather than a straight line. But
is it
> > really? When calculating "insulin on board" does one really want to
> > insulin _activity_ or insulin that is _unabsorbed_ (or ar they the same
> > thing)? That is, even if the insulin activity doesn't follow a straight
> > perhaps the insulin absorption does, and, therefore, perhaps the Cozmo
> > is superior for calculating "insulin on board."
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