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Re: [IP] Pumping costs

At 9:22 PM -0400 9/7/03, email @ redacted wrote:
>  I can't give exact numbers but I woul think its more then 150 a month if you
>change site every 3 days - like your supposed to your looking at $20 
>bucks a pop
>x 10 changes a month thats a good 200 not to mention any unschedule 
>changes for
>what ever reason and any extra wipes or tapes which you may/may not use.
>  I'm in Canada though to not sure how different your prices are - I 
>paid $208.00
>for a box of 10 sils - I pay less I think like 180?maybe for the 
>combo boxes now
>though(10 sites and 5 tubes) then there's the reserviors which are $4 bucks
>each. It does add up.

I presume those prices are Canadian dollars.  If you use standard 
luer lock Sils/Tenders/Comforts the costs can be more like $ 8.60 per 
set, which would be $86 a month, or say $103.20 with two set 
failures.  IV Prep, about 50 cents, and what else is absolutely 
necessary?  Oh yeah, INSULIN!  YMMV.

>  > I am curious what people are spending per month on pump supplies
>>  especiallyif you have young children. I am looking at having to
>>  cover the supply cost
>>  out of pocket and it certainly looks more than the $120 per month one
>  > company suggested.

George    :>)
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