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Re: [IP] Replacement lancet and daylight savings....

Got a call last week from my test strip supplier,  they are sending my 
800 strips this week and the poor little girl was really trying to 
include 8 boxes (800) of lancets  I kept telling her that I only used 2 
or 3 a year, I guess she thought I ment 2 or 3 Hundred.  Anyway to make 
her feel better I let her send a new Ultra Smart meter  free.  :)

email @ redacted wrote:

>In a message dated 9/7/2003 2:05:18 PM Alaskan Daylight Time, 
>email @ redacted writes: 
>>Speaking of changes, we've got 
>>Daylight Savings ending in a little over a month, does everyone have 
>>their replacement lancet on hand???
>Oh come on George, I thought I didn't need to change lancets until January 
>1st. Guess I will have to go find the box.....it is packed in the basement 
>somewhere with the Christmas tree.
>Tina H.
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