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Re: [IP] Fresh start

Okay, I'm new to this, BUT if your PP are always high, maybe your carb 
ratio is wrong.  I was having trouble with this on the first week on 
the pump, so my pump trainer changed mine from 15 to 10 (don't pick my 
numbers, this is just an example and of course all milage varies)

You probably need your basals set too, but if you are always to high, 
you are right you'll never be able to test.  What does he suggest?

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Sent: Sun, 7 Sep 2003 16:19:32 -0600
Subject: [IP] Fresh start

I've been doing some thinking. And I wish there was a way to just have a
fresh start on the pump.  Yeah ok, I do have a new pump. But I'm just so
frustrated with my levels not being where they should.

My 2 hour PP are always high. If I wait for 3 hours sometimes they are 
but not always.
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