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Re: [IP] Choosing between Cozmo and MM512

At 6:47 PM -0400 9/7/03, jim b wrote:
>George, i need some help with what your saying, "test drive those pumps
>before buying"
>How long can you drive one???? Certainly a couple of days, even 3 days
>won't give you
>all of the info you need.

ALL the info?  No, but it will give you a very good idea as to how 
the pump operates.

>I think this is the best place to ask and get some answers. I'm sure that
>YMMV applies,
>and its what your willing to put up with, or whats most important to you.

What is important and what you can put up with are usually most 
evident during a test drive.

>I have a 511, i'm sure i have not mastered it as yet, or taken full
>advantage of it,
>but a test drive to me is not gonna give everyone what they need.

But it will tell them if they are sticking a rock in their pocket.

>However, i agree, a salesman has a self fulfilling prophesy, my suggestion
>would be to
>ask the CDE how they feel about a particular pump. They're gonna live with
>you for awhile
>so it makes some sense to ask them.

IMHO, CDE's are sales reps for what ever company pays them the most 
to train patients on.  I would hardly ever ask a CDE for their 
opinion on a pump.   They are too involved in how they've been sold 
by the Company reps.

>You need to know what the feature are and are not.

Sometimes a "feature" is not really a "feature" at all, i.e. 
"water-tight"  "D-modem" and "Com Station"

George     :>)
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