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Re: [IP] Choosing between Cozmo and MM512

George, i need some help with what your saying, "test drive those pumps
before buying"

How long can you drive one???? Certainly a couple of days, even 3 days
won't give you 
all of the info you need.

I think this is the best place to ask and get some answers. I'm sure that
YMMV applies,
and its what your willing to put up with, or whats most important to you.

I have a 511, i'm sure i have not mastered it as yet, or taken full
advantage of it,
but a test drive to me is not gonna give everyone what they need.

However, i agree, a salesman has a self fulfilling prophesy, my suggestion
would be to 
ask the CDE how they feel about a particular pump. They're gonna live with
you for awhile
so it makes some sense to ask them. 

You need to know what the feature are and are not.


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>>In a message dated 9/7/03 4:05:52 PM US Eastern Standard Time,
>>email @ redacted writes:
>>>  IMHO, it is the thickness
>>>  of a pump that is most notable.  Place a pump in your pocket and
>>>  notice the difference between them.   If you want the "thinnest" pump
>>>  made, look at the Animas.   At 18 mm it is quite different from the
>>>  24 mm Cozmo.     :>)
>>I'm with George. I "test-drove" some pumps before making the change, and
>>found the Cozmo's thickness to be a bit awkward, especially when you
added the
>>holster thing to it. Imagine how it will be with a meter attached to it.
>>Jan and ElvisToo
>Jan, you know what I find amazing is how many pumpers chose a pump 
>based upon what a salesperson told them about the competition and not 
>upon "test driving".   If I believed the salesperson, I wouldn't have 
>bought a Disetronic H-tron 5 years ago and had 4 years of almost 
>trouble free pumping ("oh well, that's your loss" he said)   ;>P
>And I wouldn't have bought an Animas pump this past year ("she's 
>fixing to sell Animas anyday now and they will just disappear") 
>Seems that salesperson I talked to sure was misinformed (we know they 
>don't lie to make a sale)       ;>)
>Test drive those pumps before you buy (or be stuck for the next 4 
>years unless you are rich or change insurance companies.     :>)
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