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Re: [IP] Paradigm Letter

Hey Lee, i went thru the same thing, dam thing was easy to disconnect but
not easy to reconnect.

I find it to be second nature now that i've learned how to do it. I owe it
to "someone"

here in the pumpers group. Glad to see your OK.

Now i gotta work on weekend basals, (the New England Patriots got creamed
i like to watch football games on Sunday, starting at noon with the NFL
today and
then both games.


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> jim b asked (and I think he asked me):
>>Excuse me, but i need some clarification. You have a 511 and don't
>>disconnect it for a shower.
>>Could you expalain what infusion set you are using, and why it can;t be
>jimb,  Very good question.  When I started out with the pump, I was using the
>Quick-Set.  Like so many others, I found twisting the hub to disconnect
>disconcerting, so to speak.  I was afraid that I was twisting the cannula
>under my skin;  it just wasn't working well.  I've learned a few things from
>this list (understatement) & now have little trouble disconnecting.  When I
>read posts about the MM letter, I considered changing my habit of taking Beep
>into the shower, but I put it off since my one cat is a wonderful terror with
>things to play with and I'm sure she would swap that hub-on-a-tether about
>house with reckless abandon.  The other cat would probably join in by
>on the pump.
>On further consideration, however, I am ready to disconnect and close my pump
>in a drawer for the duration of the shower.  Now here's hoping I don't forget
>to connect back up again!
>Lee & her Paradigm 511, Resisting putting her pump in the closet, even if it
>is only temporarily in a drawer.
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