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[IP] Fresh start

I've been doing some thinking. And I wish there was a way to just have a
fresh start on the pump.  Yeah ok, I do have a new pump. But I'm just so
frustrated with my levels not being where they should.

My 2 hour PP are always high. If I wait for 3 hours sometimes they are down
but not always.

My doctor told me that I need to have my basals set so that I'm just not
going around chasing my blood sugars all day long, causing a cycle of taking
more insulin than what I need.  I really think that I'm taking too much
insulin even though my sugars are high. Why too much? Because I constantly
get hungry every 2 hours, I want something. Some days are worse than others.
Some of it might be boredom, understandably.  I got the john Walsh pumping
insulin, and I want to think about trying that to start over with.  I want
to just go back to my old basal rate when I first started, then go from
there to fine tune adjustments.

I can't ever seem to basal test because I'm high so often.

I thought my carb counting was wrong, but I've been diligent the last month
looking up carbs in my book to really find a close estimation if needed, and
nope that's not helping either.

Right now I have a headache, my sugar are climbing and I just don't
understand why. ARG.

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