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to: Danielle Re: [IP] Ketone Testing


Yes, it is my understanding that any "single" blood test is better than a 
urine test due to the time lag in renal output.

My doctor was concerned that due to the hour of the night, that I would fall 
asleep and not drink the water and test my blood.  He was also concerned that 
I would start vomiting.  About three times in my lifetime of diabetes (33+ 
years) I have started to vomit and within 5-6 hours I was in critical shape.  
Twice, I did not care to change my clothes when I was admitted to the hospital 
and had the nurses do it.  In this case, I was not so nauseated that I would 
have lost my cookies.

As a short story about what preceded the 500 was that I changed my set about 
4pm.  At 6pm, for supper my sugar was approximately 160.  The family sat down 
to a wonderful dinner of spaghetti with meat ball and for dessert, watermelon. 
 Knowing it was very high carb, I bolused appropriately for the food and the 
60 pts higher than my "target blood sugar of 100" and two hours later was the 
500 reading!  Wow, it can sneak up on you quickly.  I messed around with it 
 myself for about an hour before I called his exchange. Of course it was o also
on Sunday evening.

Also about 3 pm that afternoon (earlier in the day) my husband was on a two 
foot step ladder and when he came down, he stepped on a screwdriver he had 
 dropped and twisted his foot. In fact he broke it! Stress factor of his right
foot (his driving foot).

Sometimes I think my life is a comedy of errors.  No wonder I sometimes laugh 
at things other people do not find funny.  I figure it is better than crying 
or screaming!

Cee Dee
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