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[IP] Re: Type 2 NOT caused by obesity...

>>email @ redacted posted:

Probably the best explanation I've seen is a quote from Ruth Kava of the
  American Council of Science and Health, who said, "Genetics loads the gun and
environment pulls the trigger." So. If the gun isn't loaded, it doesn't matter
if you pull the trigger or not -- nothing is going to happen.. :-)<<

That's correct.  The gun loaded is your 
predisposition/genetics...pulling the trigger is excess weight, 
eating habits, sedentary lifestyle, etc.

>>Also, do a search for Vincent Poitout, who is a lead researcher on type 2 and
obesity. He has been quoted as saying, "Obesity itself doesn't cause
  diabetes," and explains that scientists now believe a combination of genetic
and environmental factors determine who gets type 2 diabetes.<<

Of course obesity itself doesn't cause diabetes.  There will always 
be the lucky ones out there who get away with being overweight and 
never develop diabetes, but if you are predisposed (genetics) AND 
overweight, then you have a problem.  So, if my family had a history 
of diabetes (which it does), I would be mindful of my weight, eating 
and exercise habits, etc.  Doesn't make sense otherwise.

>>And I will also repeat what I said a week or so ago about results of the DPP,
which the media said "proved" type 2 could be prevented: The people in the
  study had personal trainers, they had nutritionally balanced meals 
delivered to
them, there was a high dropout rate and a percentage of the participants STILL
got type 2 diabetes. It CANNOT always be prevented.<<

No, not always can it be prevented.  My dad has Type 2 and really 
can't afford to lose any weight.  However, his eating habits were 
deplorable.  He's changed that, and as a result, his oral meds have 
decreased and his blood sugars have improved.  If you are an 
overweight Type 2, you can't ASSUME that your weight won't make a 
difference when research has shown that it can and does most of the 
time.  You owe it to yourself to see if losing weight will improve 
your control or eliminate diabetes, which also happens quite often. 
I also am sure that if my dad gains too much weight, the diabetes 
will become more pronounced.  My mom was told she has borderline 
diabetes and to lose 20 pounds.  She did and now her blood sugars are 
normal.  There is solid medical evidence that proves obesity or just 
being overweight is a contributing factor in developing Type 2 

>>I also believe that type 2 has always been present in children ... it's just
that nobody started looking for it until about 20 years ago. Yep. 20 years
ago. And it's just been in the news for a couple years or so. Of course "they"
are looking for it now -- and they're finding it, too. Big surprise! (NOT!)<<

I disagree with this.  I think if it was a growing epidemic like it 
is today, it would have been discovered, maybe not right away but 
certainly before too many months or years had passed.  After all, 
diabetes has been around and documented dating back hundreds of years 
ago.  The reason they are looking for it now is that a lot of today's 
children are overweight, which is why they are developing diabetes.

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