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Re: [IP] Choosing between Cozmo and MM512

>In a message dated 9/7/03 4:05:52 PM US Eastern Standard Time,
>email @ redacted writes:
>>  IMHO, it is the thickness
>>  of a pump that is most notable.  Place a pump in your pocket and
>>  notice the difference between them.   If you want the "thinnest" pump
>>  made, look at the Animas.   At 18 mm it is quite different from the
>>  24 mm Cozmo.     :>)
>I'm with George. I "test-drove" some pumps before making the change, and
>found the Cozmo's thickness to be a bit awkward, especially when you added the
>holster thing to it. Imagine how it will be with a meter attached to it.
>Jan and ElvisToo

Jan, you know what I find amazing is how many pumpers chose a pump 
based upon what a salesperson told them about the competition and not 
upon "test driving".   If I believed the salesperson, I wouldn't have 
bought a Disetronic H-tron 5 years ago and had 4 years of almost 
trouble free pumping ("oh well, that's your loss" he said)   ;>P

And I wouldn't have bought an Animas pump this past year ("she's 
fixing to sell Animas anyday now and they will just disappear") 
Seems that salesperson I talked to sure was misinformed (we know they 
don't lie to make a sale)       ;>)

Test drive those pumps before you buy (or be stuck for the next 4 
years unless you are rich or change insurance companies.     :>)

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