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Re: [IP] Choosing between Cozmo and MM512

At 3:33 PM -0400 9/7/03, email @ redacted wrote:
>But I have to tell you, after actually being able to compare the 511 to
 > Josh's old H-Tron there is absolutely NO size difference at all between those
>pumps....so much for offering a smaller pump.  And the Cozmo is smaller than
>the H-Tron but has a full size cartridge.  Just a little bit fatter.

Actually, the Paradigm is around 1/4 inch shorter than the H-trons. 
I compared them when I tried out the Paradigm.   Sure is a shame that 
they had to get rid of 130 ml. room in their cartridges to gain that 
"shortness" advantage.  Of course the H-tron (19 mm) was still 
thinner than the Paradigm (20 mm).  Most people seem to concentrate 
on the length of a pump, eg. the D-tron.  IMHO, it is the thickness 
of a pump that is most notable.  Place a pump in your pocket and 
notice the difference between them.   If you want the "thinnest" pump 
made, look at the Animas.   At 18 mm it is quite different from the 
24 mm Cozmo.        :>)

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