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RE: [IP] special ed

OK, I'm in! When I suggested the mom go to the Director of Special Ed with
information on diabetes because the gym teacher and most others are
uninformed, I was not suggesting that her child be singled out--only that
teachers be educated. I wish there was not such a stigma about special
ed--or children with special needs, like children with diabetes, who
probably are not in special classes but who receive "reasonable
accommodations" through 504 plans.

...............Ok, now I'm appalled!!!!  Down here in FL, special ed classes
refer to children who are slow-learning disabled and not those who have
special needs.

I work with sld (special ed) classes in the primary age and none of those
children are there because they have diabetes.  They may have severe
emotional handicaps, be super hyper active, have speed, hearing or vision
problems, but most of them just can't fit into a regular classroom because
of their needs to have a very small classroom with more than one teacher
there to work very closely with them.

Geez, if I was put into a special ed class when I was in school way back
when, I would have been bored stiff!!!

When I went to school, in high school, instead of taking regular gym
classes, I took an IHT which was for Individual Health Training. I was a
joke of a class where we used to play ping pong or board games but the darn
gym teachers used to signal us out as to what we could and couldn't do and
we were constantly feeling like we were being signaled out in front of an
entire gym class.

Besides, special ed teachers aren't any well trained or versed in handling
children with diabetes.  Only a nurse at the school is allowed to test the
child for their blood sugars and if anything serious pops up, the parent is
called to handle it.  Today, you're lucky if you can put a bandaid on a

I do believe that each teacher should be advised that a child has diabetes
and what their needs are but most teachers aren't allowed to do much for a

Kathy Bruckmeyer
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